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G&D Sales Agent APAC - Samuel Chen

Samuel Chen

G&D Sales Agent for Asia Pacific

For a long time I’ve been working with KVM products and their great varieties of applications.

With KVM Asia Pacific, we are the sales representative for Guntermann & Drunck products in South East Asia. KVM Asia Pacific ensures shorter lines of communication, fast availability, local services as well as immediate and direct consulting.

KVM extenders scheme

KVM extenders

With KVM Extenders, you can operate computers over distances up to 10,000 m and still work in real time.

The systems consist of a computer module and a user module (transmitter and receiver).

KVM switches scheme

KVM switches

With our and KVM Switches, you can operate 2 – 64 computers over one user console.

They allow a peripheral-saving solution for a user-friendly and ergonomic environment.

KVM matrix systems scheme

KVM matrix systems

With KVM matrix systems, users are able to connect several hundred computers and workstations. The systems can be flexibly configured.

The systems consist of a computer module and a user module with a compact or modular switch in between.

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With KVM solutions from Guntermann & Drunck you can make the most of any IT installation. G&D KVM products provide solutions for any requirements.

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